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Square Wild's Mega Mini Fest 2022

‘..they put together an entire afternoon and evening of festival style entertainment, with an open mic session, food stalls, a bar with a million flavours of gin, artwork and an eclectic selection of bands spanning different genres yet with one thing in common
- they all sound killer live.

Last year’s Mega Mini Fest was an absolute blast! We packed out The Yard, which is an awesome venue with a 300 people cap sat right in the heart of Manchester and home to working creatives like ourselves. 

We had blistering sets from this year’s returning heroes Ask My Bull, The Pagan’s S.O.H and of course Square Wild, more from bands Shaku, NGUVU and Sir Curse, acoustic sets run by Farrow & Friends, stalls set up by Grand Radish, The trouser Project, Witch Kings Rum and Manchester Hunt Saboteurs, delicious food stalls and a bar - a perfect set up for a great time! 

We’re very proud of what we achieved, and can’t wait for this year’s event!


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