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Hello there!

We are: Tomos (drums, Square Wild),

Lucy (vocals, guitar & piano for Square Wild, backing guitar & backing vocals for Sam Millar & The Sass Bandits)

and Nathan (artist, Grand Radish).

Regular folk with a passion for music, art and all things creative.


The three of us have banded together to bring you amazing musicianship from around the UK,  as well as artists/makers of things, championing ‘out of the box’ creatives and having loads of fun in the process!


Following the success of last year’s Mini Mega Fest at The Yard, we’re driven to keep this ball rolling and showcase more amazing music and creativity this year (and hopefully the next!) and to have an awesome time with all you who want to join us!

Tomos Cooper

Lucy Shevchuk

Nathan Butcher

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Our Ethos

In a nutshell, this festival is a place to showcase diverse creativity, championing unsigned, local musicians and artists and creating that bouncy, upbeat party atmosphere - bringing artists that struggle to find ‘their crowd’ or who don’t fit into any particular category into the limelight and in front of new audiences. We want everyone to have an amazing time and open people’s minds to music they might never go and listen to or hear about otherwise! We aim to grow this festival to include more kinds of music, more artists, bigger and better fun interactive and creative experiences for all festival goers - get involved and spread the word!

Our Story

Square Wild’s Mega Mini Fest 2022 is where this started for us, last year’s festival being in aid of celebrating Square Wild’s EP launch ‘The Tree.P’, which was a huge success for them - packing out The Yard (300 person capacity) and keeping the crowd in high spirits from start to finish with an awesome line up, stalls and food - Which we’re bringing back bigger and better this time round!

Long time friend, sort-of-official Square Wild roadie/merch stand man and artist Nathan Butcher (GrandRadish) was one of the people with a stall at last year’s event, and naturally got very excited and involved with all the run up to the day. Looking ahead to this year, the three of us, Lucy, Tomos (Square Wild’s ‘Gob’ and ‘Drums’) & Nathan are invested in cementing this festival in the northwest as an annual event, and dead excited to make it bigger and better!

The three of us cover all bases and work well together, but it’s no easy task - still lots to learn! However we’re super proud to have put this together (with help from some life long friends and family who know who they are!) and we can’t wait to show you what these bands have to offer and party with you all on June 3rd.

It’s still early days for us, so watch this space!

- Tomos, Lucy, Nathan

Want to know more?

Get in touch:

Tweet us @SWMF2023

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